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Nail Polish vs Gel vs Dip Powder

I have never had any luck with my nails. I used to spend $30 on a manicure, but within 24 hours half of my newly-polished nails were chipped.

Nail polish never served me well.

Gel Manicure

Several years ago someone suggested I try gel. Gel is applied by the nail technician exactly how nail polish is applied. However, gel is sealed under UV lamps.

After only 60-90 seconds under the UV lamp, the gel was completely dried and I didn’t risk ruining my nails when I got my car keys out of my purse.

Stunningly, the gel looked perfect for at least 10 days! Wow, I had never had a manicure last so long. But once it started chipping, I learned the gel cannot be removed on my own with regular nail polish remover. It had to be removed back at the salon by soaking my nails in acetone.

I had three gel manicures back-to-back. But by the third round, my nails had nearly disintegrated. When I pushed on them, then bent like paper. I knew the gel was not healthy for my nails.

So I was only getting gel manicures when I had a special event to attend, but then let my nails breathe 6-10 weeks in between.

Dip Powder Manicure

Then someone else suggested I try ‘the dip’. Once I find a beauty regimen I like, I don’t like to change. So I put off trying the dip for over two years.

Then one day I thought what the heck – I might as well try the dip.

The dip powder is a pigmented powder. The nail technician applies a clear polish first, and then dips your fingers into the colored powder. She will repeat this process 2-3 times. And then you are done!

The first time I tried the dip powder, the color stayed on my nails chip-free for……wait for it….six weeks! The only reason I had to return to the nail salon was because I had so much re-growth it started to look like I had press-on nails.

But the biggest win of this manicure is that my nails are as strong as steel.

The photo shows my nails three weeks after a dip powder manicure:

dip powder manicure


Cost and Results of Various Manicures

Nail Polish
Cost: $30
Results: Chips very quickly

Gel Manicure
Cost: $40
Results: Lasts 7-10 days, but very hard on nails

Dip Powder Manicure
Cost: $50
Results: Lasts up to 6 weeks, not hard on nails

While the dip powder is slightly more expensive, I get way more bang for my buck than any of the other manicures.

Which of these manicures have you tried? Which is your favorite? Which has lasted the longest? Share below!



Photo by Pexels


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