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The One Person You Have Full Permission to Beat the Crap Out Of

I am not a hitter. I can’t even kill a cockroach. But there is a mutual friend of ours I have beat the crap out of on numerous occasions. And I give you full permission to do the same.

Her name is Negative Nancy.

You know who she is. She is that 4-inch little creature who sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear. She loves to say things like:

  • You suck
  • Why did you get yourself into this?
  • Everyone else is hitting their sales goals, but you never will
  • Nobody is buying
  • Today sucks. I should go home
  • You’re fat
  • My house is small and ugly compared to everyone else

Negative Nancy looks like Flo from Progressive Insurance on the outside: cute, funny, bubbly. That’s why you keep her around and sitting on your shoulder all day.

But Negative Nancy is a total b****…and you need to destroy her. Because if you don’t, she will ruin your career, crush your dreams and send you packing.

The friend you need sitting on your shoulder is Positive Paula. Positive Paula is cool as crap. She is your bestie who will never let you down. If Melissa McCarthy, Joanna Gaines and Oprah could birth a creature collectively, this would be Positive Paula.

She loves to say things like:

  • You got this, girlfriend!
  • Today was tough, but tomorrow will be better
  • You can, you will and you’re going to….
  • You get nothing you hope for, but everything you work for
  • Make an impact on others
  • Take the focus off yourself and put it on your work ethic

Negative Nancy and Kids….Oh My!

My 10-year old son plays competitive tennis. Bless my heart. In junior tennis, the kids have to make their own line calls, there are no officials and parents are not allowed to coach or say a word.

As a result, my son is a head case when he plays a cheater or when he is losing.

A 10-pound version of Negative Nancy jumps out of his tennis bag and onto his shoulder: You’ll never win against this kid, I hate tennis, I knew I would lose today…..

When I see him getting emotional, I say “Let’s go Nancy! You got this Nancy!”

And the other parents look at me strangely and ask “I thought his name was Bodie?”

Ummm, we call him Nancy for short.

But what my son understands is that I’m talking to him in code saying “Get your frigging tennis racquet and beat the crap out of Nancy right this minute. As long as she is sitting on your shoulder buddy, you ain’t gonna win.”

So ask yourself, how often is Negative Nancy vs Positive Paula sitting on your shoulder? Do they sometimes dual with each other? What can you do starting today to squash Nancy and spend more time with Paula?

A few helpful suggestions:

  • Read positive books
  • Listen to positive podcasts
  • Surround yourself with positive, constructive people
  • Silence your skeptics by proving them wrong
  • Exercise
  • Learn positive self-talk
  • Focus on your work stats/schedule and not yourself
  • Focus on serving others

What have you found that helps when Negative Nancy is barking in your ear? Share in the comment box below!

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