How I went from 100% cold calls to 100% referrals

By author + speaker + sales coach Kate Raidt

Tired of doing cold calls?

Want to drastically increase your closing percentage?

Want to work far fewer hours while maintaining a six-figure income?


Start learning how to effectively work referrals today!

About Kate

Hi there! I’m Kate Raidt. I have been a top producer in commission sales, a speaker and sales coach for over 27 years. I’m also author of the book “The Million-Dollar Parent”.


I have learned that working referrals will single-handedly get you in more doors, close more sales and make your sales job more fun than anything else. But most sales organizations don’t teach (really teach!) referral selling. You are on your own to figure it out! 


My course includes:

♦ 15 videos, quizzes, scripts and downloads

♦ How to ask for referrals (scripts provided)

♦ What to say when your customer hesitates to give you referrals

♦ How to approach your referrals (scripts provided)

♦ How to get past gatekeepers

♦ How to track and manage your referrals

♦ How to effectively ask existing clients for referrals

♦ Free copy of my eBook “The Million-Dollar Parent”

♦ Access to private Facebook group for continued accountability and training


I’m excited to help you learn referrals, work far fewer hours while crushing your sales goals. Your friend, Kate 🙂

Kate's referral selling coaching COMPLETELY changed my career. Literally, I have sold thousands of more units because of Kate’s effective coaching. Thank you, Kate!
Emma Barnett
Kate’s referral selling has given me significantly more opportunities of connecting with warm prospects instead having to go through the grind of endless cold calls
Jake Osowski
Kate Raidt's referral techniques were very easy to learn. I very quickly jumped up to the #26 ranked salesperson out of 1400 salespeople in my sales organization
Katerina Drnovska
Kate Raidt taught me how to work referrals. I had zero clue that it was even possible. As a result, I had my best year by 80 customers! Thank you Kate!
David Czovek
Her passion for helping others shows no matter what you are doing. Kate’s referral selling training CHANGED MY LIFE. Thank you for everything!
Sarah Maddack
Referral selling helped me feel more like a professional rather than a solicitor. It helped me connect with people faster and become part of the community
Martin Pilipiak

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