1 Sign You Have Raised Your Children Well

We all want to raise smart, caring children. But what is the key sign that you have raised your children successfully? Is it good grades in school? Talented in sports? Well-behaved? Of course we are proud of our children for all of these things. But it was recently that I discovered what the absolute key sign is that we have raised our children well.

My family is very close to a 71-year old woman named Sarah and her double-amputee grown son Scottie. They live well under the poverty level. We provide friendship and financial assistance to them as much as we can. Over the holidays, Scottie was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit for serious conditions and Sarah was under distress that she could lose Scottie soon. My daughter Conley came into my office the other day with several pieces of paper wrapped up, taped together. She wrote SARAH on the top of each “package”.

“Mommy, I have something for Sarah.”
What is it, honey?
“Since Sarah has no money, I am giving her all of my money from my piggy bank. It’s wrapped up inside of the paper.”

WOW. I was amazed (and so proud) that my 4-year old had the heart to give her hard-earned money away…without being asked, coached or probed. She reached out to a needy friend all on her own.

Finally I have absolute clarity to the question: What is the sign you have raised your children well? The answer is: When they see a person emotionally or financially in need and they give back of their time or money on their own doing – you know you have raised your children well.

Remember, it starts with the parents leading the way. If mom and dad are demonstrating acts of kindness, more than likely you children will follow suit. If you are not continuously helping others in need, your children never will either.


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