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Kate Raidt’s referral selling coaching COMPLETELY changed my career. Literally, I have sold thousands of more units because of Kate’s effective coaching. – Emma Barnett

Hi, I’m Kate Raidt. Welcome to my website! I’m author of The Million-Dollar Parent: How To Have a Successful Career While Keeping Your Family a Top Priority. I have been a top producer in sales for over 28 years – and I have coached thousands of men and women over the years how to reach their goals as well.

My Story

When I was 19 years old, I attended Baylor University. I was completely broke. I didn’t even have money to buy food on the weekends. So I went door-to-door in my dormitory and asked people to borrow quarters “for laundry” when I was really using that money to buy food from the vending machine. My daily diet was a small bag of pretzels and a diet Sprite.

I heard about a summer job selling educational books door-to-door, straight commission, 500 miles from home where I had the chance to earn $5000. I had never sold anything in my entire life except Girl Scout cookies and I had no idea how I would do. I also didn’t have a car so I would have to walk door-to-door all summer.

I figured I was pretty good at going door-to-door to collect lunch money from my dorm mates, so it couldn’t be much different selling books.

My goal that first summer was to earn $10,000. If the average person earns $5000, then I am going to double that. 

I finished that summer #6 out of 4500 people. Without a car, I earned $14,000 in 12 weeks of selling – almost triple the amount the average salesperson earned.

Kate taught me how to work referrals. As a result, I had my best year by 80 customers! – David Czovek

Kate Raidt Author Sales Coach

Over the next 27 years, I was a top producer in several diverse industries: supplemental insurance, legal services, one of the world’s largest accounting firms and a staffing/headhunting firm.

But along the way I pursued my true loves in life:

  • I was the lead singer and songwriter of the electronic/pop band Matson Belle. We won 5 Austin Music Awards and were nominated for an American Music Award
  • I was on the Texas State Cup Championship soccer team two years in a row (in my 30’s)
  • I completed the Los Angeles Marathon
  • I was the lead actress in a feature film
  • I founded a service organization
  • My book was published
  • I met my husband while traveling the world

How was I able to do all of these things?

  • I learned how critical it is in sales to work smarter, not harder. This is the only way to have the time and money to purse other dreams and goals in life.
  • All of the principles and skills I learned in sales I have applied to all other areas of my life.

This is the inspiration behind my website. I want you to learn in a fraction of the time what took me to learn.


Matson Belle

Matson Belle 2003

What I will teach you

  • How to properly set goals
  • How to approach prospective buyers (the non-stereotypical-salesperson way)
  • How to establish rapport and create a sizzle about what you are selling (this step is huge – but most salespeople skip it)
  • How to cover objections in advance before you get them (Don’t you hate hearing “I need to think about it”?)
  • How to create a positive, laid back buying atmosphere (you never should be pushy)
  • How to work referrals the right way (Many salespeople do this wrong)
  • How to drastically increase your sales by working smarter – not harder (parents, work while your kids are in school – no more)
  • How to use your selling skills to accomplish all other goals in life

Kate has had a huge impact on me – not only with referral selling, but also the stories she had told on how she has overcome obstacles and broken belief barriers truly helped me reach my goals. – Jacob Flores

Thank you for allowing me to coach you. Comment like crazy and share your favorite articles and videos with your friends!

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