Cinque Terre, Italy + Interlaken, Switzerland

Daniel and I just returned from our excellent adventure to Cinque Terre, Italy and Interlaken, Switzerland. The Cinque Terre (The Five Lands) are five remote sea villages along the Italian Riviera.

We stayed in Monterosso al Mare, the only village with a sandy beach. Cinque Terre is a fabulous place if you want to escape city life and immerse yourself with splendid food, Speedos and second-hand smoke (is there one Italian who doesn’t smoke cigarettes?)!

On day 2 of our trip to Cinque Terre, we hiked from Monterosso to the next village Vernazza. At home, I walk 4-5 days per week and I have run a marathon – but our trek to Vernazza was an ass-kicker. Think Stonehenge with the width of a balance beam for 6 miles plus 100 degree heat.

So, after sucking down 15 pizzas, 27 scoops of gelato and 97 bottles of merlot (in 3 days) we ventured to Interlaken, Switzerland: a small Swiss village jammed between two beautiful lakes at the peak of the Swiss Alps.

I first experienced Interlaken back in 2001 while backpacking across Europe. My stay in Interlaken was so incredible, it inspired me to want to live in Europe one day. Since the Swiss are tough on hiring foreigners, I ended up moving Prague instead – which is where I met my husband. So, I told my husband a thousand times, “It is weren’t for Interlaken, I never would have met you!”

I have never had more fun in three consecutive days than I did on our trip to Interlaken this past August. Three adventurous days of river rafting, canyoning and mountain biking topped off with schnitzel, apple struedel and Radler (German lager beer mixed with lemon spritzer) – is heaven on Earth to me. No cell phones ringing, no conference calls or client meetings – just good ole fashioned fun and adventure!

I have been miserable since returning home. Until next time…

Kate is author of "The Million-Dollar Parent" and founder of Also a former state soccer champion, singer in an award-winning pop band, serial traveler and mom, Kate has coached tens of thousands of men and women how to reach their goals in life.


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