Daufuskie Island – Unique Mother+Daughter Trip

Have you ever heard of Daufuskie Island? Probably not.

It’s a remote island off of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. My daughter and I were in Hilton Head for Spring Break and we arrived a day before my husband and son arrived. We were looking for something to do.

That’s when I saw a brochure that said “Take a water taxi to Daufuskie Island”. Hmmm, that sounds fun and interesting.

I pictured in my mind art galleries, boutiques and spas on every corner. Um, not so much.

The water taxi dropped us off on the north side of the island. There was no civilization in sight. The boat captain said “I’ll bring you a golf cart to get around”.

My daughter said, “Mom, I feel like we are on the TV show Survivor.”

The captain brought the golf cart and handed us a paper map to find our way around. Off we went.

Daufuskie Island

Driving across Daufuskie Island on a golf cart

We drove for about 20 minutes on a tiny trail through the thick brush. We passed a few shacks along the way. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Then the street opened up and we stumbled upon a tiny little restaurant Lucy Bell’s. We stopped in for a bite to eat. Calamari. Fish Tacos. Pasta Salad. Wow, this was one of the tastiest restaurants I had ever been to!

Lucy Bell's restaurant

Lucy Bell’s restaurant

Then we made our way to the beach. We were the only humans on the entire beach. It felt so relaxing and beautiful.

Daufuskie Island beach

On the pristine, quiet beach

On our way to to the inner island, we stopped by a historic winery, lighthouse, school house and church. All exceptionally charming and quaint.

It was then time to make our way back to the pier and jump on our boat back to Hilton Head.


This is how you get around Daufuskie Island

Although Daufuskie Island felt like going back 50 years in time, it was a unique day trip that allowed me to spend fun, quality time with my daughter.

If you are up for an adventure and appreciate historic site surrounded by nature, Daufuskie Island might be for you.

Daufuskie Island day trip

Mother+Daughter day trip!



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