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How To Take Amazing Photos of Yourself For Free (Pt 4)

Welcome to part 4 of my 4-part series on How To Take Amazing Photos of Yourself…For Free.

If you missed part 1 on color schemes and wardrobe, part 2 on finding the perfect location or part 3 on how to make your photos light and bright, click the links to go back.

In part 4 I am going to cover how to add graphics, texts and images to your photos.

Whether you are using your photos for your business, social media posts, promotions, blog posts or just for fun, adding graphics to your photos makes them look like a million bucks.

But guess what? Adding graphics to your photos is not only very easy, it’s also free!

Take a look at the images below. See how I have added design and text to all of these photos? I used to think I had to hire someone and pay a fortune to make this happen.

But I’m going to teach you how to do it yourself….and you don’t have to pay a penny!


Your new best friend is

Canva is a free platform that allows you to add graphics, design and text to all of your photos. They do offer an upgraged paid version, but the free version is more than enough to get you started.

Because there are so many awesome features on Canva, I created a video tour to show you all of the cool things you can do.

Watch the video below to learn how to easily add graphics to your photos:


See, isn’t that easy!! Canva is so stinking cool.

Wrapping Up

So you learned in my 4-part series several simple, easy tricks to taking amazing photos of yourself.

  • Branding and color scheme – remember to select a palette of colors that work well with your hair+skin color and also fits your personality.
  • Remember that any human old enough to operate a cell phone can operate a camera! So solicit help from your children, spouse, neighbor or friend to be your photographer.
  • Whoever takes your photos, instruct them to click click click click click when they take your photos.
  • Also instruct them to leave a little room to the left or right of your body if you want to add graphics to your photos (You can always crop it tighter later).
  • Only take photos indoors if you can sit inside your front door and have a ton of natural light.
  • When you take photos outdoors, only go during The Golden Hour – the last hour of the day.
  • Find interesting locations close to one another: A historic building, bridge, barn, cafe, beautiful landscaping, etc….All you have to do is take several changes of clothes and you will have enough photos for a year!
  • Brighten your photos with the Lightroom app.
  • Add graphics to your photos using Canva.

So what have you learned most from my 4-part series on how to take amazing photos of yourself for free? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a message below.

All the best,



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