River Rafting in Interlaken Switzerland

On August 27, 2009, I had one of the most fabulous days of my entire life river rafting in Interlaken, Switzerland. My husband and I discovered Alpin Raft  – the company who organizes rafting, canyoning and just about anything adventurous. Our rafting guide was a groovy guy from New Zealand named Dougie. Before departure, Dougie gave our group safety instructions. He said, “If anyone falls out of the raft, the person sitting opposite of the idiot who falls out is responsible for rescuing the idiot.” When I asked, “How often does someone fall out of the raft?” Dougie replied, “Not often.”

OK, cool.

The night before our rafting tour, Interlaken was hit with a huge thunderstorm, so it made for some crazy, wild rapids for our adventure. About 10 minutes into our tour, whaddyaknow, Richard from England  the guy sitting opposite from me is flung out of the boat! Then our raft gets stuck on some rocks. We struggle to get our raft moving as we watch Richard from England sucked away down the river. Once we finally caught up with him, Richard from England was in shock so I had the lovely job of pulling a near-lifeless body out of the river. After Richard from England dethawed, he enjoyed the ride again.

If anyone ventures to Interlaken, Switzerland I highly recommend Alpin Raft – exceptionally cool and knowledgeable guides from New Zealand, Australia and one from Costa Rica. When you arrive back at home base, Alpin Raft throws a party for your group with beer and munchies.

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