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Are You Selling While Distracted?

Are you selling while distracted?

I have found that “distracted selling’ is the #1 cause of a salesperson’s pitiful week of sales. When you are distracted, you aren’t focused. When you aren’t focused, you aren’t producing.

Types of Distractions

  • Cell phones: text messages, social media notifications, calls from trainees/clients
  • Kids – even adult kids can be a distraction
  • Family: spouse, relatives, family drama
  • Errands: oil change, doctor appointments, hair salon
  • Social: lunch with friends, colleagues, clients

How to keep these distractions from interfering with your work time

  • Keep your work hours and “life hours” separate. If you plan to sell Mondays thru Thursdays, you need to be laser focused on selling on those 4 days. On Fridays, and ONLY FRIDAYS, set doctor appointments, lunch with friends, errands, etc…
  • Keep your phone completely turned off while selling. When I sold only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I left my phone at home those two days. It was such a distraction. I knew that if I wanted to reach my goals in 2 days, I had to be laser focused. Learn to live without your phone.
  • Protect your family time and don’t chase a sale during your family time. Back when I sold on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if a prospect asked “Can you come back tomorrow?” I would say “I would love to, but now that I am a new mom, I only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So I can either catch you next Tuesday, or we can knock it out now real quick? – and oftentimes they would say, “Ok, go ahead and show me now.”.
  • Carve out on a calendar TODAY your exact working hours and your exact life/family hours. Don’t mix the two. Sell, and only sell, during work hours – and focus on family/life during the other hours.
  • Coach your family, friends, trainees that you will have your phone turned off during certain hours. They need to call someone else for help or wait until the end of your work day to receive a returned call.
If you are “out and about” 40 hours per week, most salespeople are in the habit of mixing work and life into the same hours.

When they end up competing with each other, the life distractions end up winning.

Soooooo, let’s all commit to keeping distractions at bay and being LASER FOCUSED in the coming weeks!

What do you do to help keep distractions at bay? Comment below!



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