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Who Are Your Most Valuable Prospects (MVPs)?

Not all prospects are created equally! You will save yourself a TON of time, money and headaches if you can identify who are your MVPs (Most Valuable Prospects).

The definition of an MVP is the prospect who is MOST LIKELY to buy your HIGHEST TICKETED PRODUCT with the LEAST AMOUNT OF OBJECTIONS OR OBSTACLES.

Examples of MVPs


When I sold legal services, I was told that “all attorneys are prospects”. At the time, the first online legal database was launched and it was a tremendous value for attorneys to have access to all of the legal codes at their fingertips.

The subscription cost each law firm about $1000 per month to access.

I learned (by banging my head against a wall) that courtroom attorneys were the only ones who had to access legal codes on a daily basis and therefore didn’t blink an eye to pay $1000 per month. Other types of attorneys would buy books from me, but my profits on those sales were small.

I also discovered that parking at office buildings in downtown Los Angeles cost me $100 per day AND they all had gatekeepers.

Sooooo, who were my MOST VALUABLE PROSPECTS?

Courtroom attorneys who did not office in downtown Los Angeles.

Once I focused my efforts on only my MVPs is when I sold the most amount of legal services in the shortest period of time.

So when you ask for referrals, ask for MVPs! “Who do you know who is a courtroom attorney whose office is not downtown who would appreciate hearing about this?”

When I sold insurance, I learned that for people to buy quickly with the fewest amount of objections or obstacles, they HAD to have a form of payment and/or their checkbook on hand.

Also, people who saw the biggest value in my insurance were people age 55 and under.

I learned that women carried their checkbook in their purses, but men did not. And women were more likely to buy without their husband present.

So my MVPs were women under age 55. Why? Because they were MOST LIKELY TO BUY my HIGHEST TICKETED INSURANCE POLICY with the least amount of OBJECTIONS OR OBSTACLES.

Does this make sense?

Know Your MVP

So if you are in medical sales, are your MVPs cardiologists, pediatricians or orthopedic surgeons?

If you sell skin care, are your most valuable prospects young women wanting to prevent aging or older women who are trying to turn back the clock?

Who is your MVP? Focus on spending 80% of your sales time with only them!



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