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Has Anyone Told You To ‘Buy Your Dream Home’?

“Buy Your Dream Home” – 4 words that have become a nightmare for many people. If you are in front of a mentor, speaker, coach, trainer or author who encourages you to “buy your dream home”, run for the hills.

That person is giving you very bad, reckless advice.

And they are suggesting that you are only as good as the expensive, material things you surround yourself with.

We all want to work fewer hours, not more, right? Buying a dream home will only force you to work more hours and endure more financial stress.

What Americans need to learn (and what mentors need to preach) is “You are enough”. DO good things and BE a good person and you will never feel the need to HAVE big things.

If you have your best season in commissions this year, put that money in a 401K, college savings plan, health/life insurance, pay off debt, give to your favorite charity and spend quality time with your family.

But whatever you do, don’t feel the pressure to buy your “dream home” – or you might be living the next American nightmare.



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