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Salespeople, How Are You Treating Salespeople Who Call On YOU?

Last summer, a hard-working, adorable college student named Emma was selling educational books in my neighborhood. (The same job I did to pay my way through college).

When I saw her running down my street with her sales bag swinging from her shoulder, I immediately knew what she was doing.

I pulled over, gave her my address and told her to come by my house.

I baked her cookies and gave her a few sales tips.

From one salesperson to another, I couldn’t help but have the upmost respect for her hard work and grit.

Later that week I was on (the community website where neighbors communicate/complain with each other).

There was a post titled “Beware of door-to-door FRAUD!” One of my neighbors posted a lengthy rant about Emma and how much he hated solicitors.

In fact, he chased Emma down a mile from his house and verbally assaulted her. He chased her out of the neighborhood. He called the police and tried to have her permit revoked.

Gosh, who would do this to a hard-working college student – especially someone as cute and professional as Emma?

I dug up this a-hole neighbor of mine and discovered he was a real estate agent. He was a commission salesperson. And he had two daughters of his own.

Not only did he terrorize a fellow salesperson, but he also assaulted someone’s daughter.

Unfortunately, this is one of many situations where I have seen salespeople treat other salespeople the way they would never want to be treated themselves.

Why does this happen? Do some salespeople think they are so important that they expect others to give them respect – but the rules don’t apply when it comes to giving other people respect?

Is it stress that causes some salespeople to behave so badly? Mental health issues? Control issues?

I just don’t get it.

Either way, here are a few suggestions on how to treat a salesperson who knocks on your door or walks in your office:

  • Treat them the way you want to be treated – always!
  • You don’t have to buy from them, but you should be kind to them
  • If you have no interest in what they are selling, simply say “I appreciate your hard work. But I am not a prospect for you. Can I offer you a bottled water or Gatorade for the road?”
  • Never, ever go to social media and say something about a salesperson that is not 1000% factual – or you are breaking the law and can face charges.
  • Remember that every salesperson is someone’s son or daughter. How do you want your kids to be treated in business one day?

Have you ever been treated poorly by a salesperson? Share your story below!

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Happy selling, y’all. Kate 🙂


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